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About  Joseph Pilates

The Power and Passion of Pilates

Joseph Pilates researching the Balance of correct posture


Janice Burgess Flinders University back in the day

Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, the Pilates exercise method helps exponents achieve optimum balance between mind and body.

In its 80 years, largely through his pioneering work, the system has become a favoured method of integrated exercise, particularly among elite athletes and performers, and those recovering from injury.


Joseph’s astute observations of body movement quickly detected that, compared to animals, humans make less than optimum use of their physical capacity.

Pilates is based on a range of more than 500 exercises, often in conjunction with specially designed equipment. It uses the musculo-skeletal make-up of the human body as it’s platform, and blends breathing regulation and mental exercise into a program designed to deliver holistic benefits.

Importantly, the method teaches participants greater awareness of the form and function of their bodies. As a result, the discipline can be applied throughout daily life for boosted strength, stability and mobility.

Because it combines a complex series of exercises involving multiple parts of the body, qualified instruction is essential.