Keystone Pilates and Body tonic Pilates

Lloyd Strevens : Keystone Pilates

Janice Burgess:  Body tonic

share the fully equipped studio at CMC located at the Old Gaol café/ Arts precinct.

The pilates room is a separate room to the other modalities

  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • APMA qualification Janice Burgess 2004
  • PAA Lloyd Strevens 2016
  • Rehabilitation
  • Core stabilizer activation
  • Postural re-balance
  • Elite fine tuning
  • Private sessions
  • Small groups only 4 clients
Pilates calls for the conscious cooperation of the person throughout the journey of a movement as a catalyst for changing  movement behaviour.

You can restore balance, flexibility and strength — and fix yourself.

The efficient action encouraged in pilates promotes a supple uprightedness “buoyancy”, elongation, opening and flexibility of the torso and limbs.

Ideally we aim to encourage working from your centre: your abdomen, back, pelvic floor and diaphragm radiating from this power centre outwards.

Keystone Pilates leader Lloyd Strevens

When the pilates is working well, the person has both strength and lightness in movement regardless of age.

We offer 60 minute sessions tailored to suit all individual needs utilizing Reformer, Trapeze table, Wunder chair arcs and Ladder Barrel.

How to Start?

Initial consult: All clients are required to organise an inital consult to look at your posture and the specific aims you have set for yourself.  This will also include a review of any previous or current injuries and from this we design your program. We recommend you follow the initial consult with a private before starting into the group.

From here you select a suitable time and join a weekly session consisting of the maximum of 4 students to 1 practitioner. (60 minutes).

Contact Lloyd/Janice  to book on 0422 035 264 or email us: